Unique Fee Structure

Through our years of experience, we know two questions people want answered right away.  What am I going to get, and how much will it cost me?  If you are tired of answers such as it depends or any other unclear answer, we have the solution.

• For accounting/bookkeeping and payroll work done at our office, we charge by the transaction, reconciliation, and/or document.

• For on-site accounting/bookkeeping (at your place) and consulting we charge an hourly rate.

We disclose all of our fees up front. You will not get a generic bill from us that leaves you wondering what we did or why the bill is so high. Listed below are our fees. This will help you decide which option is best for you and it can also help you to determine your approximate costs.

Outsourced Accounting/Bookkeeping

Price per transaction. – .85 cents per transaction.
What is a transaction? A transaction is any of the following that is entered into QuickBooks. Here is what is considered a transaction.
•Bill, Bill Credit, Bill Payment, Check, Credit card charge, Credit card credit, Invoice, Statement charge, Credit memo, Payment received from customer, Sales tax payment, Sales receipt, Deposit, Transfer of funds, General journal entry, Estimate, Purchase order, Receipt of items received with a bill, Inventory assembly build, Setting up a new general ledger account, Setting up a new item (payroll or regular item), Setting up a new class, Setting up a new vendor, Setting up a new customer, Setting up a new employee , Setting up a new template.

Payroll Processing
Payroll processing rates:
•1-5 paychecks: $5.00 per paycheck. (if paychecks are mailed, add 75 cents per paycheck)
•6-10 paychecks : $4.25 per paycheck  (if mailed, add 75 cents per paycheck)

•more then 10 paychecks : $3.75 per paycheck  (if mailed, add 75 cents per paycheck)

• Payroll tax returns: (Includes completing and filing all federal, state and local
income tax returns)
Less then 10 employees $85.00 per quarter
11-20 employees $105 per quarter
21-30 employees $165 per quarter
>30 employees $190 per quarter
•Rate per W-2 or 1099: $3.75 W-2 or 1099, (if mailed, add 75 cents per form)

Putting it all together ($325.00 per month) – Reconciling bank statements, reconciling credit card statements, balance sheet reconciliation’s, generating financial reports (for example: Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Sales by customer, Sales by item Profit & Loss by class etc.) and one –1 hour meeting per month. Any additional meetings or time will be billed @ $75.00 per hour.

Pick up/drop off. One pick-up and drop off per week is included in the package price. Any additional pick-ups or drop-offs will be billed @ .55 cents per mile from our office.

On Site Accounting/Bookkeeping. (At your place) $45.00 per hour.

QuickBooks Training/Consulting

QuickBooks Clean Start ($499.00) One time fee (DOES NOT include software), – Includes set-up of chart of accounts, items, vendors, customers, employees, classes. This includes setting up an accounting system from scratch, setting up from another software, or setting up from another QuickBooks file (this is if the old file is beyond repair) not working properly. Entering beginning balances from your old system, tax returns, statements and other documents. This also includes 2 hours of training for you or your employees.

QuickBooks Seminar Training ($169.00 per person for a 4 hour training/question and answer session) – The Best value for QuickBooks training. This training is done in small groups (2-5 people). The small group training ensures that you get your specific questions answered. We have a pre-screening questionnaire, which will give us time to research and have answers for questions specific to your business. We offer beginning, intermediate and advanced training depending upon your level of expertise in QuickBooks. Included in the price of the seminar is one hour of additional training at your place of business.

QuickBooks Training, Consulting, ($75.00 per hour @ our place $85.00 at your place.) – Includes training at our place, or via phone or e-mail. Consulting on how to get QuickBooks to work best for your company. QuickBooks training on how to enter data correctly into QuickBooks, how to do job costing, how to add accounts, items, vendors, customers, reconcile accounts, use QuickBooks payroll, how to generate financial reports. How to best utilize AP and AR reports, how to record capital assets, how to set up a budget for your company etc.

QuickBooks Clean-Up ($79.00 per hour) – Cleaning up your old QuickBooks File includes reclassifying entries, changing chart of accounts (editing and/or deleting accounts), creating an account numbering system, changing items, creating items, entering historical data. In short, taking an old QuickBooks file that is incorrect and/or out-of date and turning it into a good accounting system that will give you accurate data to make good management decisions.

QuickBooks Pre-paid Time. ($70.00 per hour). Must be bought in 5-hour increments. This is ideal for companies who know they will have an on-going need for QuickBooks help. Purchasing blocks of time saves you money and allows you to use your hours when help is needed. Pre-paid time is good for one year from the date of purchase.

Other Accounting & Consulting ($79.00 per hour)-
This would include things such as creating a business plan, tax planning and new business set-up.

On-site consulting (At your place) ($85.00 per hour plus mileage).