Income Tax Preparation

Low preparation rates.
Are you tired of paying hundreds of dollars for  income tax return preparation, or not knowing how much the return will cost you until months later when the bill comes? We pride ourselves in being a better value than franchise tax establishments, large firms, and self prepared tax software. There are no hidden fees with us.

Check out our low rates.
Form 1040 EZ is $59.99 (This includes the federal, state, and local return as well as E-Filing).

Form 1040 is $99.99 (This includes the federal, one state, and one local return as well as E-Filing. Itemizing -(Schedule A) is included in the $99.99 fee. Returns received after March 31 increase in price by $25.00.

Rental properties (Schedule E) are  $59.99 per property. Sole Proprietor businesses (Schedule C) is $59.99 per form.  Farming (Schedule F) is $59.99 per form.

Earned income credit, Education credit , Child tax credit , and  ACA forms(1095A and 8962) -(Health Insurance Marketplace Statement , and Premium tax credit reconciliations) are  $50.00 each. 

Shared responsibility worksheets are $15.00 per person.

 Additional local returns or pro rated forms due to moving requiring pro-rating of taxable income are $50.00 each.

 Additional state returns are $30.00 per state.






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